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Freedom to be Me

Sprouting in the light of love and acceptance like beautiful flowers in the sun


She grew into who she was not what they wanted her to be


She leaps over valleys of doubt to soar into the clouds of dreams


Nothing can bring her down from the high she's riding out


She twirls and spins in the paints of souls she touches deeply


The chains of agony no longer have their hold


She is free and lively and quite damn lovely dancing in the rain


No longer drowning but rather backstroking her way through what she thought was misery


But it turned out to be beauty


Beauty that will take the air right out of your polluted lungs and hold you tighter than any vine around any tree




Freedom from hatred and heartache


Freedom to be the compassionate creature she is


Freedom to be free from her own mind


Freedom to be stunning and wild and loving


Freedom to be me​

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