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  • Sydney Blunschi

Self-Care Box

Out of all the useful coping strategies I have seen in my search through the internet, one of the nicest is probably the “Self-Care Box.” Essentially, it’s a box of items that bring you joy and happiness, something to brighten up a bad day or maybe even calm you down after a breakdown.

Because I love the idea of a Self-Care Box, I’m going to share with all of you how to make one! It’s really very simple.

First, gather items that make you happy. It can be anything! Foods that make you feel better (chocolate is very good for this, as is tea), smells that calm you, distractions like puzzles, sentimental objects--they can all go in! Spoil yourself by adding bubble bath or nail polish. Store your favorite movies in there, the ones that always bring a smile to your face. Channel your creativity by adding art supplies or just allow yourself to express your emotions in a notebook. Does coloring calm you down? Add a coloring book to the box! It doesn’t have to be a lot. Two or three things, as long as they work for you, is plenty. Remember, it’s what makes you happy that’s important here. That’s why it’s called a Self-Care Box.

Second, decorate the box! A shoebox works great for this. Again, it doesn’t have to be much. A little label that reads “Self-Care” will do. Do whatever makes you feel good. Plaster it in stickers and cutouts, make splotches of different colors, sketch or paint it. It doesn’t matter. The goal here is to have fun and make something just for you. That also means that if you don’t want to decorate it, you don’t have to. Or if you just have a cute box and you’re happy with that, perfect! Less work for you!

The last step is the most important. Put the box somewhere it won’t get tossed out or otherwise disturbed and actually use it. You can take out your box at any time, you do not need permission. Whether you feel like the world is crashing down around you or just feel like having a little time to yourself, you are 100% allowed to use the box. That’s what self care is all about. It’s to make you feel better about yourself (because you’re amazing) and to keep yourself in a good place and mind set.

So remember, no matter what you’ve been through today, you deserve a little love from yourself.


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