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  • Zachary Sullivan and Sydney Blunschi

Year in Review

This is the first official Thing With Feathers blog post of 2018, and before we get into anything big or heavy this year, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on 2017 and go over a couple of ideas for the new year.

Obviously, 2017 was the year it all started for us. In February of this year, we got off the ground, launching our website, releasing our first set of merchandise, and beginning our journey of ending the stigma around mental illness and providing a light of hope. Within a couple of months, we had gained a small following (mostly friends and family) on Facebook and Instagram. By April, we had begun our blog posts in an attempt to reach even more people. Though these posts haven’t kept at the consistent rate we had hoped for, we think that they have contributed in some way or another to many people’s lives.

May of this past year saw us unveiling a new shirt, some small pins, and a necklace, all in anticipation of our first appearance at our hometown arts festival, MayFest. Thanks to MayFest, we were able to make multiple connections in the community and talk with so many people about our mission and what it meant to them. Our appearance at MayFest also played a big part in us securing an interview with the Times-Georgian, which was published on May 12. This allowed us to gain some new exposure that we would’ve had to access to without the interview.

In summer, a lot of planning work was done in an attempt to try and create some strong connections at home and to prepare us for the changes bound to come in the fall, and this was probably our strongest point for blog posts all year, containing our most successful post yet (How School Teaches Mental Illness).

Sadly, no amount of planning on our part could have actually prepared us for this fall. With both owners going to college, our time available for the organization dropped pretty steeply, and it unfortunately had to take a back seat of sorts to our schooling. However, the fall wasn’t all bad. In the fall, we managed to reach 100 followers on our Instagram page, we made connections in our new home of Murfreesboro, TN, we gained a new writer for blog posts who you, our readers, have already had the pleasure of meeting, and so much more.

All in all, 2017 was a pretty eventful year for us here at Thing With Feathers. However, we already have some loose plans in place that will hopefully allow 2018 to be an even bigger year.

Our one year anniversary is coming up in February, and we already have some ideas in the works on how to celebrate this. So keep your eyes open for some news regarding that in the next couple weeks. We also have some plans coming soon for a new branch of TWF coming to Murfreesboro later this year. We are considering returning to MayFest in Carrollton again this coming May if situations involving school work out where it is possible, so keep an eye out for any announcements involving that or other possible festival appearances!

We are so excited to start this year with you guys! Best wishes to you all. Remember to spread hope everywhere you go, and remember that it only takes a couple seconds to say something nice or even just flash a kind smile to someone; it could make a world of a difference for them.


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