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  • Zachary Sullivan

Thing With Feathers - First Blog Post

Thing With Feathers started simply as a dream - a way to help a few friends out and maybe make a small difference along the way, but now we’re here.

Thing With Feathers is a non-profit organization based on the idea that no one should have to fight through mental illness alone. We aim to raise awareness for mental illness, erase the stigma of silence surrounding it, and shed light on the legitimacy of mental illness. These ailments are something worth looking into, that need attention, and that, more importantly, need to be studied, learned about, and helped. Through this blog, social media, merchandise, donations, podcasts, live events, music, and various other avenues, we plan to show those who are victims of mental illness that there is hope that whatever they are dealing with will pass and they can overcome.

These illnesses are equivalent to the “demons” that so many people claim that we deal with on a daily basis, but they are also so much more. However, mental illnesses are constantly seen as inferior to other maladies, unimportant, or simply an excuse, but the reality is that they are debilitating, frustrating, and incredibly harmful conditions that can have disastrous effects on their victims. For a typical illness, the body can fight its way out of the situation using antibodies and white blood cells. When it comes to mental illness, however, the brain is hurting itself, so the body has no pre-existing defense against the damage. Because of this, often the most effective form of aid is through support, coping mechanisms, self-improvement, and, most importantly, the simple hope that things can and will get better.

We at Thing With Feathers are here to provide that hope. No matter your illness, your struggle, your situation, or how far down in the proverbial hole you’ve gone, we are here to provide hope, suggestions, help, and support for anyone who is struggling. And for those of you visiting who simply want to learn more about these conditions or want to learn how to help someone you know who deals with something, we are here to attempt to provide you with the knowledge you need to properly understand these conditions.

It is our hope that through our efforts, we can truly make a difference and bring mental illness into the light that it so needs.


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