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  • Zachary Sullivan

Long Time, No See

Hey guys, it’s been a little while hasn’t it? This is our first blog post since January of this year, and, honestly, it’s been a long time coming. Not gonna lie, college hit us pretty strongly, and we weren’t as ready as we thought we were to handle school, friends, and running Thing with Feathers, while also managing and maintaining our ownmental health – because in all honesty, what good is running an organization intent on helping mental illness if we cause our own mental wellness to suffer because of it?

That said, I wanted to sit down and write this post, or letter of sorts, to you guys – our friends, family, and supporters – to let you know that our absence and lack of activity doesn’t mean that TWF is going away anytime soon. We had to go away for a little while and kind of let TWF fall to the wayside, even though we didn’t want to, in order to let ourselves properly adjust to living away from our families, going to school full time, working jobs, and trying to function as adults. The transition has been rough at times, but I’d like to say we’ve taken it better than a lot of people do.

We’re reaching a point now where we feel comfortable launching Thing with Feathers back into frequent activity, getting involved in our community again, helping those around us, and trying our best to do what we set out to do: eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness and help those suffering through the avenue of creative expression. In order to do this, we feel like some changes may have to be made to how we function as an organization and as individuals. Because of this, we’re not going to be jumping right back in to full blown activity, but rather easing ourselves back into the rhythm over the coming months. This means our social media is probably going to remain where it has for the last few weeks, and this may be the last blog post you guys see from us for a little while, but that does not mean we are gone. The hope at this point is to be ready to move into near-regular activity sometime fairly early in 2019.

We see big things on the horizon, and we’re excited to have you guys along for the ride, so please keep an eye out and watch for us to really take steps here soon to becoming what we set out to be: a force for change and a place people can feel safe and sense HOPE.


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