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Stained Glass

There are times when you look out at other people as if staring through a glass box, and you wave your arms for help, and they merely wave back.

There are times when your whole world will shatter and that which you depended upon the most is shaken and broken apart.

There are times when you want to crumble to your knees and scream and draw your nails like claws across the soft, delicate skin of your arm.

There are times when you suddenly look at knives and rope with new eyes, and when pills and smoke seem like they could have alternative uses that may be just what you need.

There are times when you are a broken stained glass window and those passing by step around you to avoid cutting their feet upon your shards.

But I assure you that if you allow yourself to gleam and crackle for long enough, there will come a time when someone glances over and kneels among your wreckage.

I assure your that there will come a person who will lift the pieces of your brokenness and examine each one for the treasure that they are.

I assure you that they will gather your shards into their arms and they will spread you out until they can see every corner  and broken fragment.

They will pick up the pieces  and build something with you. Their hands will bleed and bandages will be all that holds them together some days, just like you. They will wipe away tears of pain and leave behind bloody streaks on their faces.

But then they will look at you and smile.

They will bask in the rainbow of colors reflecting off of you.

They will laugh and you will find it in you to smile just a little.

And the bandages and the cuts don't matter to them

And the cracks and splinters don't matter to you.

And in that moment you are not a broken piece stuck haphazardly back together.

You are a masterpiece, a focal point of abstract realism and unrealized beauty. You are the piece that the canvas cannot shine without, and the texture that brings it to life.

You are the life and purpose breathed into the life of the broken artist who found you and saw a picture of themselves amongst your broken shattered scattered shards.

You are a
broken and beautiful, glorious and flawed creation of your self and the treasure of an entire world.


        - Leigh Pirch

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